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Brewing Magic at Home Part VII: Not Your Grandmother’s Toddy

Toddy coffee is not the most popular of brewing methods. Its adherents, although relatively few, are enthusiastic and dedicated. Toddy coffee is much lower in acid than coffee brewed with hot water- it’s perfect for people with sensitive stomachs or robots who corrode easily. Toddy is also a very well respected method for preparing iced coffee.

Toddy coffee is a radical departure from the beaten path of drip-brewed, boiled and heated joe. It tastes different too.

Toddy coffee is cold-brewed for a long time- typical brew time is 18 to 24 hours.

For the standard Toddy brewer you use about 12oz of coffee and about 7 cups of water. Use coarsely ground coffee and combine it in your toddy gradually- start with about a cup of water, add half the coffee, then slowly pour 3 cups of water in there.

Pretend you’re doing pourover coffee and try to saturate the grounds thoroughly. Add the rest of your coffee and then the rest of your water. You can push the coffee down a bit with the back of a spoon or a glossy paperback book cover to make sure it’s all getting wet. Don’t stir the stuff, you may dislodge or clog up your filter, which would be bad. Since it’s going to be sitting around for a while, it’s not a bad idea to cover the top of your toddy.

Ok, now it’s time to wait.

OK! It’s tomorrow! pull the plug on the bottom of the toddy and let it drip. The draining process is also slow so don’t think you’re just going to have a cup of coffee right now. Let it go a few hours- it’s not going to get cold.

The jar you get with this brewer comes with an airtight lid. You store your coffee concentrate in the fridge and it’ll be usable for well over a week.

Now you dump the grounds and rinse the filter. It’ll come out squeaky clean!

The product you’ll end up with is thick and really really strong. You’ll try it straight once and run out of the room screaming. Once you knock it down with some hot water, though, it’s a very rewarding cup, with an exciting head of persistent foam!

Ok guys, get to drinkin. I’ll see you around shortly- thanks for reading!