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Brewing Magic at Home Part II: The Pourover Revelation

Last week we did some looking at the ubiquitous home Auto-Drip coffeemaker and learned how to check it for proper brewing temperature.

This week we’re going to take drip coffee in a slightly different direction. With minimal tools we’ll have a great benchmark you can use to judge the coffee that comes out of your machine. The first key is your old-fashioned teakettle.

That is some hot water there.

Enter the Melitta Pourover Brewer. It’s a very simple, very cheap way to brew fantastic coffee.

If you haven’t got one, a single-serving pourover cone costs about $3 (Available at our Harford Road Cafe location and the farmers’ markets.) You’ll need paper cone filters too- you may have some already if your auto-drip machine uses them.

Doubles as a helmet for your cat.

Brewing this way couldn’t be simpler. Put your kettle on to boil. An electric hotpot will work too- your goal is boiling water. Place the pourover cone and filter atop your favorite coffee mug. Add two tablespoons of ground coffee and wait for the whistle.

Now it’s on! Pour the boiling water slowly into the cone, stirring as you go with a plastic spoon. Stirring helps you get even distribution of water through the grounds and will improve the consistency of your flavor extraction. (In plain English: tastes better.)

Now drink it! Use your mind to compare this cup with your regular chug out of the auto-drip machine. Is the flavor richer and better defined? Are you looking at your coffee mug kind of half-aghast, mildly shocked at how good it tastes?

Good. Gooooood. That’s the difference really hot water makes.

Next time I’ll post a bit about grinding your coffee at home. In following posts we’ll look at some other popular (and not as popular) brewing methods.

Thanks for reading! Leave your questions and comments below in the comments. See you soon.