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At Zeke’s Coffee, we use a Sivetz Fluid Bed Coffee Roaster.  In such a roaster, beans are continuously agitated by a stream of hot air creating something that looks like a fountain of beans.  This is not only enthralling to watch, but is also a very efficient manner of roasting that allows for accurate roasting temperatures and a more consistent (and less bitter) product than other roasting methods.  Additionally, the machine itself remains very clean as chaff is pushed out of the roaster by the same air that keeps the beans moving, producing a cleaner tasting coffee.  Upon reaching the desired temperature, beans are quenched then sucked out of the roasting chamber and into a cooling chamber where the heating process ceases and the beans are allowed to cool until they have reached a temperature at which they can be handled.  After this roasting process, our beans are stored as individual varietals or mixed into one of our signature blends to be bagged and sent on to their destination.

We offer tours monthly, starting at 10:00AM.

3003 Montebello Terrace
Baltimore, MD 21214

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