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Brewing Magic in a Hotel Room Part I. No, you can’t make anything good with this stuff.

The intrepid coffee dweeb has a recurring challenge. On the road it can be tough to find something drinkable. And the most brutal time is the 6AM alarm when the only joe in sight is that dreadful packet of year-old pre-ground robusta next to the tiny auto drip machine. shiver…

Earlier this year I found myself far inland in something of a coffee desert. I neglected to check a bag and I didn’t think to stash the Aeropress in my carryon. My travelling companion and I got to the hotel and I saw the brewer and the coffee and my heart just sank. What am I gonna do?

The first morning I just brewed the stuff normally, hoping I could maybe get enough caffeine into me to make it to some place with a better cup. No soap: One sip and it went down the sink. Then I had a thought:  Some folks say cold-brewed crap coffee tastes ok. I can take this coffee pod and soak it for a day and see how it turns out. So.

Bad Coffee in a Desperation Move.
Bad Coffee in a Desperation Move.

I took another coffee pod and put it in a cup. I put about an inch and a half of water in there and prodded the pod a couple times. Then I put it in a drawer so the sanitation intruders wouldn’t toss it during the day.

Next morning it was go time. I didn’t have high hopes as this was definitely a turd polishing kind of game. I removed the pod and squoze it to get as much coffee concentrate as possible into the cup.

Then I used the in-room brewer to heat up and dilute the concentrate. I sent the hot water right into the coldbrew.

Here goes something.
Here goes something.

It looked dark and strong, which was encouraging. It smelled not great.

I don't want to die. Not right now, anyway. Eventually, sure.
I don’t want to die. Not right now, anyway. Eventually, sure. That’s normal.

I tasted it.


No no no. Gross.

Was it better than the hot-brewed coffee of yesterday? Sort of. We could say it was less horrid. Some of the higher-end rancid flavors weren’t there, but they were not replaced by anything more delicious, and there was no underlying mellow goodness that was laid bare by their absence.

So, put the Aeropress on your packing checklist folks. Next post will detail Aeropress Success in a hotel room.

Thanks for reading- see you around!